Pet adoption just became simple

We are Pawtify! Emma and I are currently developing Pawtify for the City of San Antonio. Pawtify is a women-owned company and our goal is to develop a matchmaking system designed to connect people with pets. At Pawtify we are working to design the perfect application that makes finding a San Antonio Animal Care Service (ACS) pet much easier and convenient. We don't want anyone who wants a rescue pet to go unnoticed, we just want to make it easier for you.

Sometimes it can be hard time finding the perfect rescue animal when you go to the shelter. The goal is to insure that those who want to rescue a pet, find what they are looking through our simple application. You’ll create a ‘pawtification’ that will notify you via text or email when your furry friend has been registered into the ACS shelter. Our goal is to have less animals in shelters and more animals in homes.

The next time you want a pet, get notified with pawtify!

Create a pawtification and we'll do the rest

At Pawtify we connect people with pets

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